Fortnite Season 1

Fortnite Leagues rules 

League will start as soon as 5 Teams join

Match day.

  • 2v2s league
  • 2v2 squad game. both teams will join each with the host being the owner of the game
  • Matches will only be on Saturday and Sunday unless a team captain can organise with your opposing team to play a weekday
  • Check match days or the timings and days.
  • You must let an admin know if you can't play on Match day for any reason.
  • If you are unable to play the opposing team will get an automatic win and all members will get the average stats for the match day.
  • Only the captain of the team can conntact a admin.
  • Each team member must join the hosting team of the match 5 minutes before the start of the first match.
  • There is no need to tell us who is going to play the match but they MUST be on your team.
  • You can request to host the Match but both teams will have to host at least one game.
  • If you are a man down an admin can play for your team or you can ask the opposing team to go a man down for the match.
  • You will win 3 points for a match win and 2 for a draw.
  • your team/clan may have more the one you must put A B C D next to the team/clan name

Game Rules.

  • We will be following the following rules at all times during the matches and outside matches
  • All glitches will be demmed as a forfeit for the game.(a glitch is doing anything that isnt normal by the normal game standards.)
  • Any team killing is on your team to conduct.
  • The match will played as the following
  • it will be a flip of the coin to see who will host first on there chosen servers. NA or EU
  • Captain must then take a picture or screenshot and send it to the admin of the game.
  1. 3 Games will be played in a match and a 5 minute break is allowd between games.
  2. Add all scores of the game to decide the winner.
  3. scoring system will be used to termine game winner

Victory Royal :10 points

2nd - 5th 7 points

6th - 15: 5 points

16th - 25th 3 points

each Elimination 1 point.